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Tax Credits are one of the most one of the most perplexing benefits available – tax credits consist of two distinct types, Working Tax Credits, and Child Tax Credits.

You can apply for both, although it is possible that you will only be accepted for one of them. The process for applying for Tax Credits can be difficult to understand and can cause confusion.

For accurate information in regards to an application for Tax Credits, call the Tax Credits Helpline –

Tax Credit contact number  – 0843 816 6309

tax credits phone number

Tax Credits entered the system as a part of benefits reform by the UK government. Aimed at assisting those on low incomes, (Working Tax Credits) and single parents, (Child Tax Credits), these benefits are worked out by looking at your income and individual circumstances.

The criteria for application can vary to extreme degrees with both and here we have broken down the two types of Tax Credit you can apply for.

Working Tax Credit contact number – 0843 816 6309

Working Tax Credits is a payment that can be made to an individual who is on a low income and working over 30 hours per week. These credits are for those people who work for an extended period, yet are still on a lower income. There is a possibility that a further rebate can be arranged if you have children, but you can still apply if you are childless.

In order to apply for Working Tax Credits you will first of all have to collect a number of pieces of information and have it to hand when applying. You will need proof of your earnings, employment status and also some personal identification. All these factors can come into play when applying for the benefit. After you have gathered relevant information and maybe checked the online government benefits checker to see if you qualify, why not call the Tax Credits Contact Number on 0843 816 6309 and start the claim?

Can I get Working Tax Credits?
Working Tax Credits depend on your circumstances and income. You may by entitled to claim if:

  • You are aged 16-24 and have a child or you have a qualifying disability.
  • You are over 25 years old with or without children.

However you must:

  • Work a certain number of hours each week.
  • Get paid for the work that you do.
  • Have an income below a certain level.

You will have to make this call to get the required forms. The customer service team will assist with your application at all times.

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Child Tax Credits Contact – 0843 816 6309

Child Tax Credits can be applied for by any person with at least one child. Recent reforms to the benefit, however, have made these more available to single parents or those who are on a lower income. You do not have to be in work to apply for Child Tax Credits; you can be unemployed, and it will not affect your claim. Child Tax Credits can start at approximately £545 a year and can rise to £2750. As the single person responsible for the upbringing of your child, you should be the one who applies. If multiple applications from the same child’s parents it will result in either your application being rejected or delayed.

Child Tax Credits is also a means-tested benefit and is worked out on your income and personal circumstances. In order to discuss your eligibility for Child Tax Credits, call the Tax Credits Contact Number on 0843 816 6309


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