Clinton Cards Edgware Contact Number 0870 025 0285

Clintons Edgware Contact Number 0870 025 0285


Need to call Clintons in Edgware? Give the customer service team a call on 0870 025 0285.

This number will reroute you through our call forwarding service to the Clintons Edgware call center staff who will be more than happy to help with all enquiries.

Common Reasons To Contact Clintons Edgware:

  • To find the location of your local Clintons store in Edgware.
  • To trace a specific product which is not available online or in your local store.
  • To apply for a job at the Edgware Clintons branch or find out more about the application process.
  • To make a complaint about a product or member of staff in the Edgware branch.
  • To report a misplaced or delayed order.

Whatever your reason you can contact Clintons on the contact number listed above.

Edgware Clintons Contact Number:

Contact Clintons  Call
Edgware Clintons Contact Number 0870 025 0285
Edgware Clintons Helpline 0870 025 0285
Edgware Clintons Complaints 0870 025 0285

Clintons Edgware Complaints:

If you want to file a complaint against poor services of Clintons Edgware, you can also send a letter to the Clintons customer complaint address:

Department Address
Head Office  Clintons Customer Services,
The Crystal Building,
Langston Road,
IG10 3TH
Department Opening Hours
Head Office Monday to Friday 8am until 7pm

Please mention in your contact details so that the customer service members can contact you on your mentioned address or contact number as soon as possible.

Telephone Number For Clintons Edgware: 0870 025 0285

Contact the Edgware Clintons Store: 0870 025 0285

Clintons Edgware General Information:

Clintons Cards are a UK-based greetings cards and gifts company that is also known for selling gift cards and soft toys. Founded in 1968, Clintons is commonplace on the UK high street and has expanded nationally to almost every town and city in the UK, but was heavily set back in 2012, when the lingering effects of economic downturn forced the closure of 350 branches of Clintons and essentially left the company to battle administration. Following this, the company was taken over by American Greetings, a greetings card and holidays industry giant from the United States. Clintons kept their name, but dropped “cards” from the end, becoming the mononymous “Clintons”. Otherwise, they kept their name and history intact, keeping all the corporate values that made them such an iconic British chain and a landmark of the British high street, despite now being owned by a multinational American business.

Clintons, formerly “Clintons Cards” is a chain store in the UK, selling greetings cards, gifts and gift accessories. It has been a fixture of the UK high street since 1968, when it was founded, and was wildly successful in its first fifty years, buying over several Hallmark stores and even buying the entire business of their rivals “Birthdays”. However, in 2012, the company’s debts were bought over by the US giant “American Greetings” and immediately called in for collection. The effect on Clintons was catastrophic. It sold 350 of its branches and immediately went into administration, only to be bought by American Greetings once it entered liquidation. Since then, after a name change to “Clintons”, it has been owned by American Greetings and operated under their flag.



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