Clarks Walsall Contact Number 0870 042 0109

Clarks Walsall Contact Number 0870 042 0109


Need to call Clarks in Walsall? Give the customer service team a call on 0870 042 0109.

This number will reroute you through our call forwarding service to the Clarks Walsall call center staff who will be more than happy to help with all enquiries.

Common Reasons To Contact Clarks Walsall:

  • To find the location of your local Clarks store in Walsall.
  • To trace a specific product which is not available online or in your local store.
  • To apply for a job at the Walsall Clarks branch or find out more about the application process.
  • To make a complaint about a product or member of staff in the Walsall branch.
  • To report a misplaced or delayed order.

Whatever your reason you can contact Clarks on the contact number listed above.

Walsall Clarks Contact Number:

Contact Clarks  Call
Walsall Clarks Contact Number 0870 042 0109
Walsall Clarks Helpline 0870 042 0109
Walsall Clarks Complaints 0870 042 0109

Clarks Walsall Complaints:

If you want to file a complaint against poor services of Clarks Walsall, you can also send a letter to the Clarks customer complaint address:

Department Address
Head Office Customer Care. Box 50,
40 High Street,
BA16 0EQ
Department Opening Hours
Head Office Monday to Friday 8am until 7pm

Please mention in your contact details so that the customer service members can contact you on your mentioned address or contact number as soon as possible.

Telephone Number For Clarks Walsall: 0870 042 0109

Contact the Walsall Clarks Store: 0870 042 0109

Clarks Walsall General Information:

Walsall Clarks is part of a British multinational footwear manufacturer and retailer headquartered in Somerset, England. The company operates more than 950 brand stores and franchises worldwide. The company’s products include mens, womens and children’s footwear of various ranges and designs. The 84% stake of the company is owned by the Clark family and the remaining 16% is owned by employees and the related institutions. The company is well known for its Desert Boot that is a unique ankle height boot with crepe sole made out of calf leather.

The company was founded in 1825 by Cyrus Clark and his younger brother James Clark in the Somerset village of Street, England. By 1828 James was appointed as apprentice by Cyrus and while in service as an apprentice he began utilising the offcuts that were too short for making rugs to produce slippers. In 1833 James became the equal partner of the business and thereafter it was traded as C. & J. Clark.


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