yodel complaints phone number 0843 816 6253

yodel complaints phone number 0843 816 6253


Need to call Yodel? Give their customer service team a ring on 0843 816 6253

This number will reroute you through our call forwarding service to the Yodel call centre staff who will be more than happy to help with all enquiries.

The Yodel is one of the leading home delivery services in the UK. It operates with over 3,500 delivery vans. It was formed in 2010 and brought together two of the UK’s leading delivery companies. Yodel handles over 100 million parcels every year. You can send your parcel to Europe or even further in the world with this service. yodel complaints phone number 0843 816 6253.

YODEL Contact Numbers:

Yodel Customer Services 0843 816 6253
Yodel General Enquiries 0843 816 6253
Yodel Delivery 0843 816 6253
Yodel Depot Helpline 0843 816 6253
yodel complaints phone number 0843 816 6253


Yodel Complaints �” Call the helpline number listed

There are following reasons mentioned below to call at Yodel Contact Number:-

  • To enquire about your delivery of your parcel.
  • When your parcel has gone missing.
  • Parcel is delivered to the wrong address.
  • To make complaints regarding Yodel service.
  • When your parcel is lost or damaged.
  • How can I apply for refund from Yodel?
  • What to do if your Yodel parcel is heavier than declared?

Whatever your reason give the helpful customer service team on 0843 816 6253, all calls to this number will divert to the official Yodel UK contact number.

Yodel tracking helplines are staffed during these hours:

Monday to Friday from 8am until 9pm
Saturdays 9amuntil1pm
Lines are closed on Sundays

yodel complaints phone number

Yodel im


Yodel Contact Numbers

Call Yodel Dial
yodel complaints phone number 0843 816 6253
Yodel Head Office 0843 816 6253
Yodel delivery probelms 0843 816 6253

Yodel Complaints Department Opening Times

Days Open
Monday- Friday 8am-7pm
Saturday 9am-1pm
Sunday Closed


Call the Yodel helpline number of 0843 816 6253, all calls to this number will forward to the official Yodel customer service line.

Why would I need to contact the Yodel complaints number?

  • To make a complaint about a lost or delayed parcel.
  • To make a complaint about a parcel arriving damaged.
  • To make a complaint about a Yodel member of staff or a Yodel vehicle.
  • To make a complaint about the cost of sending a parcel via Yodel.

If your problem can not be solved on the phone line please write to the Yodel address listed below.

Yodel head office, write to:

Department Address
Yodel Head office Atlantic Pavilion, Albert Dock, Liverpool, Merseyside, L3 4AE


The Yodel Courier service is the leading home delivery in the UK. Yodel couriers operate with over 5,000 delivery vans. The Yodel Phone number makes it easy to find them.

Yodel is one of the leading employers in the United Kingdom. It employs over 15,000 people. The most typical job is a Yodel self-employed driver. The delivery jobs are the most coveted in the industry.

Yodel was formed in 2010. The Home Delivery Network purchased the domestic parcel arm of a larger company. Yodel now delivers over 135 million parcels a year and is the UK’s leading provider of parcel delivery. In August 2013 it changed its name to Yodel Home Delivery Network.


yodel complaints phone number

yodel complaints phone number



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